– JERU.Mayfair

The venue space is eclectic and multi layered high-end restaurant that serves a premium a la carte menu. Jeru also features an old city style bakery, sophisticated wine bar, theatrical dining space and a unique Layla Bar.

This Middle Eastern restaurant is designed with an intent; to take guests on a journey of rooms within rooms, and rooms that lead from one to another, a walking discovery of magic and theatre that awakens all senses.

The design materialises age-old architectural forms and textures found throughout the Middle East, from Morocco, to Syria and Yemen, Saudi, into contemporary context with curved arched forms, with terracotta hues and an earthy palette reminiscent of the era. The space is so relaxing and welcoming, diners can enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine in Mayfair and feel like they’ve taken a trip to the Levant.

The name Jeru means ‘old city’. In the Byzantine time; a place of nomadic tribal people and a melting pot of cultures. Jeru, a Middle Eastern restaurant, a premium full-service experience and the soul of this old city, the ‘once upon a time’ world.

We installed a varied mix of ceramic, porcelain and stone on this project to all areas of the Bakery, Restaurant, Dining Rooms and expertly designed customer WC / Washroom areas.

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